Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Window to the World!

As I sit looking out my "window" I am amazed at the views.  What you ask?  Bright sunshine, green grass, flowers blooming.  Nope, nope and well, yes to those things, but truly the fantastical things I get to look at are the crazies that live in this world. 

While driving from one appointment to another yesterday, the Moose and I came upon a man and a woman on a motorcycle.  Not an uncommon occurrence to be sure.  However, what struck me as strange was the following;

Said man was completely shirtless, not uncommon but it appeared he was trying to even out his sunburn.  He must have been wearing what my children refer to as a "wife beater" shirt.  White ribbed tank top.  Only his arms and neckline were bright pink.  Sitting behind him was a women, nothing strange there.  However as he pulled out in front of us, her dog peaked his head out the side.  I've not seen that before.   Is it even legal?   Think what you will, but it doesn't end there.  While hanging on to her dog with her left hand, she lights up a cigarette with the right hand.  That's dexterity right there.  The whole scene was totally out of place. 

Then we're having breakfast at the table watching the local news.  (Has anyone noticed the uptick in violence on a local level in your area?)  A stranger than fiction piece came on.  You couldn't come up with a story like this on your own;  Grandpa and Grandma decided.  Excuse me;  drunk Grandpa and drunk Grandma.  Excuse me again;  4 time DUI, revoked licensed drunk Grandpa was driving drunk Grandma down a road going 10 miles per hour, while towing their 7 year old granddaughter in her toy car behind them.

Need I say more?!  What have you seen lately than makes you scratch your head?


  1. sigh, I saw that last night on Fox.

    What can you say....

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Matt,

    And you can't fix stupid! or better yet,

    Life is tough, Life is tougher if you're stupid. - John Wayne

  3. As a gramma and mom I wouldn't let my parents have my grand kid without super vision if they had that problem but maybe the parents are the same.
    As for the dog I have seen lots of dogs on bikes and even have wanted to take mine with us on our Harley however those dogs have always been in a seat with a restraint (one little one was tucked inside a leather jacket but practically lived there anyway). I would have to have a pull behind trailer for my golden and it is just too much trouble so I don't do it. But I did see a Standard size poodle on the back of a women's bike. It seemed quite comfy there.

  4. Sista,

    I'm guessing their children were raised in this environment and see nothing wrong. If my Dad had 4 DUI's I wouldn't have let him near my kids.

    This lady was just hanging on to the dog, no restraint. I guess the dog, making it three on the bike, seemed out of the ordinary. The dog appeared to be taking it all in stride...


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