Monday, February 23, 2015


We've been absent recently.  Too many irons in the fire and a business trip to boot!  So, here are some photos.  You need to guess where we were.

Clue #1, definitely not Florida!

Clue #2, starts out around 1,000 feet

Clue #3, ends at around 8,500 feet

Clue #4, you have to take a ride to get there

Clue #5, it has snow this time of year

Clue #6, Sonny Bono was once the mayor!

Palm Springs, via Anaheim for a recent convention.  We took the Aerial Tramway, worth the 2 hour trip and it was simply majestic.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Repurpose Project - shipping crates = planter boxes

 Yippee!  Ron works at a local airport and found some empty shipping boxes that at one time carried airplane parts.  He and the Moose picked them up late Friday and early Saturday we began their transformation into our new planter boxes!

All we had to do was add some legs, of which those materials came from the free pallets.  Other than some stain that was sprayed on all but two and some hardware it's another project that cost nearly nothing.  My kind of project!

The weather was fantastic, sunny and breezy, highs in the upper 60's.  Along with a trip to the hardware and feed stores, this project took the better part of the day.  We used the tractor to straighten out the ground level, moved some large stones to keep the second level from eroding away, and brought over the 3 potted blueberry plants    This way I can take care of all the blueberries at one time.

We think it was a nice find! 

Ron and James continue to work on the bath house.  The roof for both decks was put on and the surround for the outdoor shower was also installed.

Another friend of ours, Fred who is always on the lookout for us, was able to procure a skid full of old electrical wiring, 7' tall metal posts and some crating materials from a piece of very heavy equipment.  I didn't get a photo of it, but all of it together pretty much took up the entire trailer.  The wheels are starting to spin on how and where we'll use all of our great finds!