Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trouble Sleeping

Is it just my age, or old age in general?  I'm having issues sleeping through the night.  This is the second night in less than a week, where I'm up and weird hours and it either takes me hours to fall back asleep, or I just don't. 

So, I tip toed out of bed and headed for the office.  Got a few emails out the chute this morning (O' Dark Early), followed up on some of your blog posts, and will hit the Bible in a few.

Now, I'll need a nap this afternoon!  I am getting old!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Number 2

Yes, this can refer to other unmentionable things, however in my case I'm number 2 for jury duty!  I think that's pretty good odds I'll be selected.

The Moose and I seem to be pretty regular participants, each year we are commanded to do our civic doody duty.

I'm a bit more patient than he is when it comes to people in general, and I enjoy people watching.  I'm always amazed at how people dress, act and/or follow directions.  I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell after this next episode!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Partly Cloudy and No Chance of Meatballs

Temps were in the 80's, but the skies were cloudy and rainy for most of the day Saturday.  It felt warm, but since the sun rarely poked through the clouds, it wasn't too hot or humid.  It is a precursor to the long hot summer months coming to a theater Compound near you!

The Moose and Philippe worked on a few odd, unplanned projects of heavy lifting, that seemed to take forever.  Neither of them was very happy about it, but it's now done. 

I spent the better part of the day working in the garden. I built the second raised, raised bed.  Planted some additional lettuce greens, cucumbers and potatoes. Organized the potting soil onto a pallet, and replanted a new blueberry plant.  Doesn't sound like much, but it all takes time.  Throw in some wild weather in the early afternoon, that had us running for cover, and another day has come and gone.

We lost Walter this past week. We have absolutely no idea why. He was doing well, eating and running around. I was carrying him around last Saturday and he was talkative, seemed healthy and in good spirits. I guess it's just part of life on a farm.

The little pigs are getting bigger.  People don't give them much credit, but they are extremely smart.  The Queen as I like to call her, the dominant female who gives out the tongue lashings is really fun to be around.

Last Saturday, she decided to lay down near the fence line and take a nap.  I was in the area and decided to try and scratch her back and see what she'd do.  Usually she won't let you get that close.  At first she didn't know it was me, then when she realized it she jumped up and gave me the "did you really just scratch me" look.  It was as if the wheels were spinning and trying to determine if she should be scared or if she should continue to enjoy the attention.  The Queen chose the latter and laid back down to let me scratch her some more.

So skip ahead a week, I'm again along the fence line, in the exact same area as last Saturday.  The Queen, while giving me a tongue lashing for having the audacity to come over treat less, rubbed her side against the fence and laid down.  Not all the way down, she was watching to see if I would remember to scratch her back.  As soon as I reached in to scratch her back, she laid all the way down.  Occasionally, I'd get a grunt or groan of satisfaction.  

This didn't happen just once, it happened twice in much the same way.  They watch everything you do.  They're so much fun. 

That's it for now.  I have some research to do on Guineas, Asparagus, and raising mealworms.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

There are days I feel like the rabbit from the "Hare and the Tortoise" story.  Racing through life just trying to keep my head above water.  There's always more on my list of "to do's" than I can accomplish, and not near enough hours in the day.  If there were, I'd be just too pooped to get much more done anyway.

Then there are days, like this past weekend where I feel more like the tortoise.  It takes time to complete some tasks, and while they appear at the offset to not ever get finished, and in some cases even started,  before long when the project has been tackled even in dribs and drabs there is the reward at the end of the race.

I guess it's more a matter of prospective than anything.   What are you, the hare or the tortoise?

Here are some pictures from this past weekend.

The girls around a pot of brown rice.

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Random, renegade celery. 

Mescaline salad blend in my raised bed.

The Queen, nosing around

Walter, still too scared to go outside from the run. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Something seems weird

The Moose took me out for an early Valentines Day dinner, lunch.  We're pretty frugal, especially when it comes to eating out, so unless we have a coupon, or they're running a special we pretty much eat at home.  Frankly the Moose can cook better than most restaurant cooks/chefs anyway, we're more sanitary and I can eat in my p.j's if I want.

The last couple of times we entered these establishments (Chili's and California Pizza Kitchen)  the Moose noticed that most of the clientele were women.  Less than 1 out of every 10 customers were men.  Those guys, including the Moose were with their wives/girlfriends, not alone or with a group of guys.

Do men eat lunch?  If they do, where? 

I never even took notice, maybe because I'm one of the women?  I'm not like most though, I never did very well in a hen cluck around the water cooler in the office.  Seemed like such a waste of time. 

So to the men who follow along, where do you eat lunch? Do you hide out in your car/truck for the peaceful quiet of an environment not filled with cackling women? 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spring Cleaning

It's not technically Spring yet, but spring cleaning was started at The Compound Saturday.  It's amazing how many piles of  junk stuff accumulate.  Of course this really is our "resource inventory" .  The materials will be used for one project or another, but it needed to be organized and cleaned up.

Piles of wood, tile, windows, fencing, etc were all neatly organized and put out of the way.  It felt great to look around and actually feel the calm that comes from a neat and orderly life.

No pictures however, never took the camera out of the truck.  Hard to believe right?!

Anywho, have a great week everyone.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trivia Question Answered

I added a silly trivia question to my last blog post:

This past Saturday was incredibly foggy.  It was like peanut butter! (don't you mean pea soup?, you eat what you like and I'll eat what I like)  If you catch the reference let me know what show it's from.  Just a little trivia game.

Diane wins the trivia question.  She didn't answer it directly but she quoted another favorite line from the same show;  I'm cute! I'm cute! She said I'm cuuute!!  

It's from the 1964 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer TV Movie

Now you can all go back to your regularly scheduled day.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm a Bit Behind

I'm behind in my Compound updates, so here goes;

This past Saturday was incredibly foggy.  It was like peanut butter! (don't you mean pea soup?, you eat what you like and I'll eat what I like)  If you catch the reference let me know what show it's from.  Just a little trivia game.

facing west down the canal

facing east down the canal
The temperatures warmed up to the lower 80's and it felt great after the past couple weeks of cold.  We fired up the pizza oven and made a Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza, and then the typical pepperoni, sausage, etc.   My dough didn't turn out as good, ended up more like a deep dish, which came out doughy as the toppings would burn before the dough was done.  I know what the issue was and will correct it for the next time.

We took care of the typical stuff, and had to add some additional mulch to the chicken coop and hog pen areas due to the over abundance of rain the previous few days.  I'd say upwards of 5-7 inches of steady rain, maybe more.

The new pigs are doing great, starting to fill out and quickly figured out that people = food.

Yes, they've almost rutted up the entire area!
I'm throwing this picture out there just for the heck of it, because I liked it!  Robins, we have lots of Robins this time of year. Until next time, have a great day everyone!

the photo looks better on my computer, not so fuzzy