Monday, October 12, 2015

Hooked on a Feeling - It's Finally Fall at The Compound

I had the BJ Thomas song in my head this morning;  Hooked on a Feeling.  So now that I've dated myself and got those of you around my same age, singing this song to yourselves  Your Welcome!

To the Little Girl who was kind enough to give me Fludders, here's your update;

He's doing great!  At first he was a bit scared, especially of our white rooster.  He liked to hide to stay out of the way.  So this weekend we removed the white rooster and put him in his own area so Fludders can get more comfortable with his new home and with all the hens at The Compound.  He's been eating and actually making friends with our pigs too.  I even saw him napping next to some of my girl pigs on Saturday.  Thank you for giving him to me!  We will do our best to spoil him rotten!

The humidity and heat have finally backed off and if the weatherman is right, we may finally be able to put the summer of 2015 behind us.  Although it was a bit warm this weekend, the humidity was not there and the Moose only went through about 3 t-shirts.  That's how we gauge things, not by temperature but by how often he has to change t-shirts.

The guys finished our new turkey housing addition, (of which I didn't get any photos), moved the four teenage turkeys to the new enclosure and in with the original flock (there was a bit of a kerfuffle), and added another lean-to area for the male hogs.

I spent my time working on the garden beds, removing the yellowing leaves from the tomato plants, removing caterpillars which are the bane of my existence at the moment, and look at what they did in one week to my cucumber plants; 

I really hate using pesticides, but the bugs leave me no choice.  It's that or no vegetables.  I found three different type of caterpillars in my garden.  Some roll the leaves back over themselves so they can eat in peace, others just eat large holes in the leaves and the worst one's you can hardly see until they've had their fill; they make the leaves look like lace.  Frankly, the pesticide didn't even phase this last type.

The tomatoes are going strong, and I've only found a few small green inch worm type bugs, and a couple of black caterpillars.  Besides some leaf miners which out at The Compound always get on my plants, they seem to be doing really well.

While I was working in the garden, or frankly going just about everywhere one of our supervisors stuck by my side to make sure I was doing things right.  Here's Kitty-Kitty;

Of the three semi-feral cats we rescued this past year she is the friendliest.  Here are the other two  Bones and Claire;

Skin and "Bones"  he has a hard time putting on weight.

.That's it for now, you can go back to singing Hooked on a Feeling....