Friday, February 22, 2013

You Can Call Me Weird

You can call me weird, but I really like the smell of our Home Depot store.  Not the gross hot dog stand outside, but the actual store itself.  Since we've spent more time there recently than at home, it only goes to figure....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birthday Wishes for Daughter #2

It was 23 years ago today, that the Moose and I made an early visit to the hospital.  By 6 a.m. I was dressed up in a gown with my rear-end hanging out, getting induced to deliver our second but not second rated daughter.    She’s such a joy, and now that she’s all grown up and moved away, I miss her terribly.

Happy Birthday Goob!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wish List Update

Each year I put together a "must have" and "wish list" for The Compound.  Like the year before, building a railing on our dock has remained on the "wish list".  It seemed like a project we'd never find the time to take care of.

Well, R&B took care of that for me this past week.  What a surprise!  It's just perfect!

Then to top it all off, they treated all of us to brats and hot dogs on their new hot dog stand!  It was exactly what we needed after a week of chaos!  Thanks again R&B!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Horde Update

Here they all are, all 19 out at The Compound.  They are now 6 weeks old.  Loving their freedom!  I really like the mix of colors.  No one looks the same.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

No Love Fest at The Compound

OK, I understand Roosters don't always get along, but this past weekend was an exception to what we've experienced as a rule, in our short time as chicken keepers.

Usually they'll fight for a few minutes than go their separate ways.  Not so.  I noticed the scuffle from a distance between Pig Pen our White Orpington and Rooster Cogburn and thought very little of it, looked like typical behavior.  I went about my business.  Looked up again some time later and they were still fighting.  Now I'm worried.  However, the Moose seems to think it's still OK;  "let them sort it out".

I waited what seemed like forever, OK a few more minutes, and I went to break them up myself.  They were having nothing of it.  Could care less I was in the area, and went for each other with me in between.  Then I noticed Pig Pen banged up, bloody and whining.  I noticed Cogburn was also banged up, not as bloody and whining, but neither was giving up the fight.

I panicked and demanded the Moose break up the bar fight (something he did in his college years, he had plenty of practice), I'd had enough.  He got in to the mess and grabbed Cogburn by the legs and carried him into the brooder pen.  He's now living the life of a bachelor.  Space is limited until we can build him his own bachelor pad similar to Monkeys.

We can not afford for Pig Pen to be hurt beyond repair, as he's our only rooster of that breed.  White Orpingtons are hard to find, and we are about ready to hatch out some of his offspring, later this spring.  Since he's the most gentle, has never ever gone after me or the Moose, he gets to stay with the girls.  Lucky guy!

Cogburn is not the least bit happy.  I won't miss him coming after me.  We'll put him with his girls when we are ready to breed some more Hooligans.

It's always something!...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Belated Thank you

Back on December 31st, (yes that far back) I won a bottle of homemade vanilla extract from Dole Valley Farm.  I have been remiss in not thanking her properly.  If you get a chance, will you please stop by her blog and give it look.  I'm sure you'll find plenty to interest you;  especially Muffin Mondays...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Road Trip

We made a road trip this past week, to deliver the "Horde" to The Compound.  You would have thought the world was coming to an end when we had to round them up.  Rounding up 19 small, quick pullets is an event in and of itself.  Once in their carrier, they hunkered down for the 45 minute road trip, and did just fine.

I believe these guys are roosters.  Their pea combs are more red and larger than the others.  Their legs are also thicker.  If the group would hold still long enough, I could take an uneducated guess as to how many we have.  I think 4, but we'll see.  One will be named "Sparky".

They now reside in a sectioned off area of the run, with plenty of room to do what chickens do best.  I'm sure they'll appreciate the extra space for their mock battles and kamikaze attacks on each other.

I already miss the noise they generated on our back patio.  I don't miss the smell, but there is nothing sweeter than  having them run over to you for their morning, afternoon and evening snacks...

Always on the move..

Monday, February 4, 2013

This is What it Looks Like...

When a new friend mows the 2.5 acres at The Compound, not just once, but twice! Thanks R you have no idea how helpful that has been the past few weeks!
When Mom , Padre’ and my dear Uncle help with our home remodeling project.  Lots of time and energy expended for this project and we haven’t laid one tile yet!
When the Moose and Spud built Monkey his own bachelor pad!  He’s just too mean to be around people and we’re not ready to do anything about that situation until he’s fathered a few offspring.  We hope they’ll be hens…

When the Cotton Club can stand it no longer watching from a distance.  They just have to see Monkey in his new digs..
When your molting stage is coming to an end..finally poor Berta!

When you’re a handsome devil and you know it!...  He's such a nice rooster compared to the other two.