Saturday, February 9, 2013

Road Trip

We made a road trip this past week, to deliver the "Horde" to The Compound.  You would have thought the world was coming to an end when we had to round them up.  Rounding up 19 small, quick pullets is an event in and of itself.  Once in their carrier, they hunkered down for the 45 minute road trip, and did just fine.

I believe these guys are roosters.  Their pea combs are more red and larger than the others.  Their legs are also thicker.  If the group would hold still long enough, I could take an uneducated guess as to how many we have.  I think 4, but we'll see.  One will be named "Sparky".

They now reside in a sectioned off area of the run, with plenty of room to do what chickens do best.  I'm sure they'll appreciate the extra space for their mock battles and kamikaze attacks on each other.

I already miss the noise they generated on our back patio.  I don't miss the smell, but there is nothing sweeter than  having them run over to you for their morning, afternoon and evening snacks...

Always on the move..


  1. Barbeque on Sunday ? Lol not the rooster chickies.
    Dragon Lady and I will see ya then.
    Archery lessons perhaps ?

  2. Their cute little things, that is until they grow up.

  3. I am feeling the pull of spring babies and I don't need any. ARRGH! Maybe just a couple of red sex links.


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