Monday, June 27, 2011

You Dirty Rat, and mice, and spiders, and termites, and ants and....

Yuk comes to mind! Along with some other words, we shall not mention in a public forum. We began our new project, the remodel of our 5th wheel camper. It took the better part of Saturday morning, with help from our neighbor, to get the camper moved to its new location; water front property!
We started the demolition of the inside. Removal of the old smelly furniture, flooring and curtain panels in the main living area. We also cleaned the mold and grime off the outside. Here are some before pictures.

It doesn't sound like much, but every nail or staple that held down the old flooring needed to be removed. We found some areas of the floor that need to be replaced. When you go home this tired and this sore, the idea of buying a new unit, seems like a better option. But, then what would we do with our time?!

We headed back out on Sunday, since we are gluttons for punishment, and wanted to get a few more things done before heading back to the same old, same old, of a normal work week.

What seemed like an easy, quick fix basically took the entire day. The refrigerator never really worked, so we wanted to remove it, and replace it with a dorm size unit. Just so we could have some place for cold drinks. Well, what we found sums up the title of this weeks blog. How many synonyms are there for gross, disgusting, and you have got to be kidding me!!! Take a look at these photos.

The nasty spider actually latched on to the Moose's glove (thank God he was wearing his gloves!) and was trying to bite him. The mice as you can see chewed out the insulation on the back of the refrigerator and had made quite a home. They also chewed up the electrical wires, in the last photo, but hard to see. This would have caused a fire, as the wires were touching. So what should have been an easy or somewhat easy change, became a nightmare. The Moose and I worked on the wires, cleaned up the mess, removed the old refrigerator, and are now coming up with a game plan for shelves and a new door for this space.

We left late again on Sunday, and "bombed" the camper for bugs. Hopefully we won't see too many of them in the weeks to come. Just in case, I'm going to "bomb" again next weekend.

Here are the photos of the outside of the clean, newly relocated camper. I'm keeping the inside a secret until it's done. Have a good week!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Project Alert!

We've come up with a new project! Like we needed anymore... We stopped by a RV/Camper show this past week. We were headed to buying a new one, since the one we have is less than ideal. (I'll take photos this weekend so you can see for yourself) It's tired, and smelly. But after looking at the price tag, and not wanting to take out the money from the bank at this point, we've elected good ol' fashion elbow grease.

We're going to rip up the old carpeting, replace with new vinyl tiles. Out with the lovely, I mean lovely flower patterned sofa, curtains and butt ugly blue recliner. Who was the decorator?! We've got a couple of other things up our sleeve, and I'll share as we move along. Wish us luck!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Same Old, Same Old

Well, not much to report on the Compound front. Since we got back from vacation, we basically had to do normal maintenance; mow the lawn which took over 3 hours, feed and water the Hooligan's, etc. You know the routine.. We did get down some black vinyl sheeting on the garden, to help kill the nematodes and weeds before the next planting season in September.

It's been so darn hot here, heat index upwards of 108 degrees, the Hooligan's are having a hard time. Wings are up, and their beaks are open sucking in air as fast as they can, or digging out small trenches in the soil in search of cooler dirt. We fed them a cold watermellon, which they loved!

Here's a cute picture of Flo swinging in a makeshift hammock. It's actually a vinyl fence we have surrounding our worm composter. She's figured out away to fly up there, and then just hang out.

The Hooligan's are 12 weeks old now, and really getting big. They get so excited when we get there! I'm not sure if it's the Moose and me they want to see, or the bag of treats we bring them.