Monday, June 20, 2011

Same Old, Same Old

Well, not much to report on the Compound front. Since we got back from vacation, we basically had to do normal maintenance; mow the lawn which took over 3 hours, feed and water the Hooligan's, etc. You know the routine.. We did get down some black vinyl sheeting on the garden, to help kill the nematodes and weeds before the next planting season in September.

It's been so darn hot here, heat index upwards of 108 degrees, the Hooligan's are having a hard time. Wings are up, and their beaks are open sucking in air as fast as they can, or digging out small trenches in the soil in search of cooler dirt. We fed them a cold watermellon, which they loved!

Here's a cute picture of Flo swinging in a makeshift hammock. It's actually a vinyl fence we have surrounding our worm composter. She's figured out away to fly up there, and then just hang out.

The Hooligan's are 12 weeks old now, and really getting big. They get so excited when we get there! I'm not sure if it's the Moose and me they want to see, or the bag of treats we bring them.

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