Monday, May 30, 2011

Green with Envy

Another project is off the list! The container is finished, and is now Army green. My sister and brother in law came out to help finish painting. Wow, was it hot! The Moose looked like a drowned rat, but it was sweat! Yuk, it really sucked to be him! But it's done and over.

Other than that, like that wasn't enough, we picked vegies and fed the Hooligans. We made a major trip to a big box hardware store to load up on supplies like 2x4's, lanscaping posts, compost, fertilizer, and a dog kennel. The dog kennel will be transformed into a hog pen. Details will follow as we get this organized.

We're off on vacation next weekend, so no posts until we return. Lookout Niagra Falls!

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