Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally Some Relief

Well, I think fall is finally knocking on our door.  We have had some relief from the humidity and the temps are getting into the middle to lower 80's.  The humidity is really the main thing I'm glad to feel is going away.  It's actually been in the lower 60's in the mornings, which is awesome!  We can finally open the doors and windows and air things out, right up and until around lunch time.

All the animals, and especially the rabbits are enjoying the respite.  We brought Cannoli home last week so I can work on his eyes.  It's getting better, slow but sure.  I'm using a turmeric water solution (natural antiseptic, that doesn't sting) and aloe vera.  The deep bright pink around his eyes is back to normal, but there's still some gooky stuff coming out the tear duct area, which I think itches.  He's scratched himself and created a very small cut.  But his energy level is up, and for a rabbit that wouldn't even let you near him, I can now routinely scratch his head.  He's becoming quite the momma's boy.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the graham cracker or sweet potato treats.

We adopted three semi-feral barn cats.  One of which mauled the Moose, and gave him an infection he's been fighting all week.  I was asked;  "why cats".   We have so many animals now, including all the dogs that everyone owns, that having to use poison is not a good viable option to control the rat issue.  The rats eat the poison and run off to get some water.  Well, the dogs have access to the same areas, and I don't really want them to decide to make a dead or dying poisoned rat a chew toy.  So, hence the cats.  Which until it's dark we rarely see.  They came spayed, with shots etc.  But as long as they are off doing what cats should do, and what they've already been doing we should see some improvements.

Other than changes in the weather, it's really been the same old - same old the last couple of weeks at The Compound.  There's always a project or two, or three to work on. 

Until next time, have a great day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Up Close and Personal

We had these rabbits for several months, and this is really the first decent photos I've got of them.  They're worse than chickens when it comes to getting a good photo.  Just when you push the button, they move!  So here they are;




Canoli has had an ongoing eye ailment.  We've tried an antibiotic ointment, tea bags, and cleansing the area with peroxide.  Any other ideas?  The lady we got him from said it's common in rabbits during the summer heat.  We'd like to get him completely healed up, the poor guy.



We are waiting until things cool off before breeding.  One thing we've learned this summer, it's just too dang hot for everything and everyone! 

Another group of cute critters at The Compound.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Home Home on the Range

It was our new turkeys first day on The Compound range yesterday.  At first they didn't want to leave the run area, but we enticed them with some banana and out they came.  They had a fantastic time, running, flying and just goofing off.  The Toms even puffed up a time or two.

They never stopped.  They scoped out the entire property from top to bottom, east to west and north to south.  Nothing was missed, except the small circle of area near the guard dog. 

Part of their morning was spent dust bathing.  Whew, they can throw some dirt!

At the end of the day, with a little bit of effort we herded them right back in the coop.  As long as you go slow, they pretty much go where you want them to.

We all had fun watching them throughout the day.  Turkeys are really pretty easy to take care of, and still a thumbs up for The Compound.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What's Your Price?

I’ve been wanting to write this article for some time now, as the Moose and I regularly state; “what’s your price” when we see things or are faced with issues.  I’m just finally getting around to putting pen to paper, fingers to the keyboard.

I was reading a book recently by Max Lucado, When God Whispers Your Name.  In it was a chapter on “what is your price”.  Sounds like an inconspicuous question really until you dig a bit deeper and take a look at the world around you.

The premise is you are part of a game show audience.  Picture the Price is Right.  As you sit there taking in the big lights, cameras and frenzied crowd believing you’ll never be chosen, because if you’re like me you don’t get picked for wild adventures or grandiose opportunities.   Your name is called.  Woo hoo!

Now imagine the prize.  It’s not a much dreamed about vacation or shiny sports car, its 10 million dollars!  I always picture Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies with his pinky at the corner of his mouth.  10 million dollars!!!!  Just imagine what you can do with that much money.  I know what I could do with that much money, new digs for the animals at The Compound, and maybe a really nice farm house for the Moose and me.   I know of a few charities I’d sure like to help out in a big way, not to mention family and friends that could use a leg up. You can have it all, just by answering one simple, small question; what is your price?

You have to choose one option in order to get the money.  Did I mention 10 million dollars?!

Here’s your list;

Put your children up for adoption
Become a prostitute for a week

Give up your US citizenship
Abandon your church
Abandon your family

Kill a stranger
Have a sex change operation

Leave your spouse
Change your race

Now make your choice.

As your family and the frenzied crowd wait in bated breath for your answer, your mind wonders, your heart races, YOU have to choose.  Just think of all the good you could do with that money.

Max Lucado concludes by relating information on a national survey where people were asked the same questions;

7% would murder for money
6% would change their race

4% would change their sex

What’s even sadder?

25% would abandon their family or their church

23% would prostitute themselves for a week

16% would walk away from the US or leave their spouse

13% would give up their kids

Finally, two-thirds would agree to at least one and some to even several of these options.  The majority would not leave the stage empty handed; they are willing to pay the price.

The moral of the story is even though we are not faced with the opportunity for 10 million dollars, we are faced with situations for opportunities that require us to give up far less for far less.  People will walk away from their families, faith or morals for immediate gratification.  What will the world look like in a time of crisis?  Just another reason to keep on getting prepared, and more importantly, getting right with God.



Monday, October 6, 2014

Hankering for Pickles

We found a plethora of Kirby cucumbers this past week, and decided to make some refrigerated pickles.  I posted this back in June of 2012.  Here's a link to the article with the recipe again.  Now we have to wait 72 hours before we can dig in!

Hungry for pickles anyone?