Sunday, October 12, 2014

Home Home on the Range

It was our new turkeys first day on The Compound range yesterday.  At first they didn't want to leave the run area, but we enticed them with some banana and out they came.  They had a fantastic time, running, flying and just goofing off.  The Toms even puffed up a time or two.

They never stopped.  They scoped out the entire property from top to bottom, east to west and north to south.  Nothing was missed, except the small circle of area near the guard dog. 

Part of their morning was spent dust bathing.  Whew, they can throw some dirt!

At the end of the day, with a little bit of effort we herded them right back in the coop.  As long as you go slow, they pretty much go where you want them to.

We all had fun watching them throughout the day.  Turkeys are really pretty easy to take care of, and still a thumbs up for The Compound.


  1. I have never had turkeys, well other than the wild ones running around. I think they would do well here. Your birds will probably grow quickly with the area that they have.

  2. Many of the old farmers South of here sold out to the big turkey places like Tyson some years ago and then raised the birds for the company. They all said those birds were totally stupid. Must be the difference between real turkey like you have and those all White birds.


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