Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What's Your Price?

I’ve been wanting to write this article for some time now, as the Moose and I regularly state; “what’s your price” when we see things or are faced with issues.  I’m just finally getting around to putting pen to paper, fingers to the keyboard.

I was reading a book recently by Max Lucado, When God Whispers Your Name.  In it was a chapter on “what is your price”.  Sounds like an inconspicuous question really until you dig a bit deeper and take a look at the world around you.

The premise is you are part of a game show audience.  Picture the Price is Right.  As you sit there taking in the big lights, cameras and frenzied crowd believing you’ll never be chosen, because if you’re like me you don’t get picked for wild adventures or grandiose opportunities.   Your name is called.  Woo hoo!

Now imagine the prize.  It’s not a much dreamed about vacation or shiny sports car, its 10 million dollars!  I always picture Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies with his pinky at the corner of his mouth.  10 million dollars!!!!  Just imagine what you can do with that much money.  I know what I could do with that much money, new digs for the animals at The Compound, and maybe a really nice farm house for the Moose and me.   I know of a few charities I’d sure like to help out in a big way, not to mention family and friends that could use a leg up. You can have it all, just by answering one simple, small question; what is your price?

You have to choose one option in order to get the money.  Did I mention 10 million dollars?!

Here’s your list;

Put your children up for adoption
Become a prostitute for a week

Give up your US citizenship
Abandon your church
Abandon your family

Kill a stranger
Have a sex change operation

Leave your spouse
Change your race

Now make your choice.

As your family and the frenzied crowd wait in bated breath for your answer, your mind wonders, your heart races, YOU have to choose.  Just think of all the good you could do with that money.

Max Lucado concludes by relating information on a national survey where people were asked the same questions;

7% would murder for money
6% would change their race

4% would change their sex

What’s even sadder?

25% would abandon their family or their church

23% would prostitute themselves for a week

16% would walk away from the US or leave their spouse

13% would give up their kids

Finally, two-thirds would agree to at least one and some to even several of these options.  The majority would not leave the stage empty handed; they are willing to pay the price.

The moral of the story is even though we are not faced with the opportunity for 10 million dollars, we are faced with situations for opportunities that require us to give up far less for far less.  People will walk away from their families, faith or morals for immediate gratification.  What will the world look like in a time of crisis?  Just another reason to keep on getting prepared, and more importantly, getting right with God.




  1. Hmmm Tax Free?

    Can the stranger be a democrat?

    1. You get play the game however you want to. Democrat, Femocrat, Femonazi, or all of the above!

  2. All of those things are pretty much evil except for "Give up your US citizenship." That would probably be a good trade.

    1. I had much the same thought when reading the chapter. It sure is a sad state of affairs.

  3. Izzy,

    It really does amaze me what people would do for 10 million dollars.
    With the way the economy is going, I believe the percentages listed above would increase drastically. It sure is a sad state of affairs.

    1. I agree totally, that's why we try each day to prepare in someway. We want to eliminate the need for us to have to make such decisions.

  4. Farm man and I are pretty poor by most people standards....10 million dollars...wow! I can't even imagine...BUT I can honestly sit here and say there is nothing I would do on that list to win it...I am reminded of a scripture...Matthew 16:26--For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

    Saddly our world today would sell their soul for money...There is nothing worth selling out for...Nothing!!! Not even 10 million dollars..I will stay poor and serve the Lord! Amen?!

    1. Amen! What's on the docket for this Sunday's sermon?

    2. Not preachin' this Sunday....but last Sunday was on "Do you have a heart Condition"....maybe next Sunday...Y'all comin' up!?!?! LOLOLOL

  5. Why is changing your race such a big deal? For $10 million, I am going to hang out in some secluded location where nobody is going to mess with me in any case.

    My guess is 16% is pretty close to the number of people who would like to leave their spouse, but don't have the finances to do so. So the situation is already in place, its just not enabled.


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