Monday, October 13, 2014

Up Close and Personal

We had these rabbits for several months, and this is really the first decent photos I've got of them.  They're worse than chickens when it comes to getting a good photo.  Just when you push the button, they move!  So here they are;




Canoli has had an ongoing eye ailment.  We've tried an antibiotic ointment, tea bags, and cleansing the area with peroxide.  Any other ideas?  The lady we got him from said it's common in rabbits during the summer heat.  We'd like to get him completely healed up, the poor guy.



We are waiting until things cool off before breeding.  One thing we've learned this summer, it's just too dang hot for everything and everyone! 

Another group of cute critters at The Compound.


  1. My wife would have a coniption fit if I ever proposed eating one of those fluffy bunnies.

    She would set them all free in the middle of the night I am sure.

  2. I'm detecting a pattern here.....they are named after food! Are we talking bunny snacks? Rabbit fritters? Peeps?


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