Monday, March 30, 2015

A Hunting Wabbit We Will Go

Actually no hunting needed on our part, unless you call opening a rabbit hutch hunting.  This Sunday was the first time in all my many years I actually ate rabbit.  Yes, this former total city girl ate the rabbit she has watched and helped raise.  And it WAS delicious! 

Served up fried and baked.  The fried was a bit on the tough side, but tasty.  My favorite was the baked.  Baked for about 3 hours it was fall off the bone good.

I did not participate in the processing of the rabbits, and I likely should have except the Moose and I were busy with other projects;

Moving pigs around, and building dividing walls to keep them in other areas so we can actually use our garden space for gardening.  No pictures yet, just too busy.

We're starting to get ripened blue berries from our 25+ plants.  Not a lot yet, but the bushes are covered in berries.  There's also a few small mulberries in this bowl.  There is nothing like fresh from the garden berries.