Saturday, July 11, 2015

Quote of the Day

 "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." -Thomas Edison

Friday, July 10, 2015

Interesting Times

We're living in interesting times.  Some times it's like watching a movie in slow motion and other times it's as if someone hit the fast forward button.  If you spend more than 5 minutes watching the local news, which is nothing but a "who shot who" last night report, and even less time watching any of the other news outlets for national and international news, you've likely wasted your time. I'm grateful and thankful I have something else to do with mine.

Not that we should ignore what's going on in the world but I'd like to see the news please.  The comings and goings of the Hollywood elite is not news, it's just obnoxious.  It's become nothing but idol worship as far as I can tell.  I like a good movie or T.V. show, but I don't care about their private lives and I sure as heck am not going to embarrass myself by making a point to stand in line to see one of them face to face. 

Add in the recent Supreme Court ruling along with the Femocrats from California moving to ban the terms "husband and wife" from laws nation wide;  They want gender neutral terms used such as spouse or married couple.  I'm tired of the nonsense.  Our way of life, and what has made this country great is being taken away piece by piece at an ever faster "fast forward" pace.  We're going to look back someday, not in the too distant future, and this country will either not exist or be a shadow of it's former self. (There is room to argue that we are already at that precipice)

I believe your word is your bond.  When you agree to do something for someone, you do it.  It rarely happens anymore, the excuses people can come up with to not uphold the agreement always amazes me.  They'll promise you the moon, but call someone on the carpet for not holding up their end, and it suddenly becomes your problem and you're the evil one.  If we're being honest, we should be standing up for ourselves and demand that others raise the bar as well.  That handshake means something.

I'm not sure what they've used on us, but it's as if the world is afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, so basically no one does anything for fear their feelings might get hurt.  People hide behind emails and social media.  I see kids posting on FB complaining about their parents or jobs, and then getting a multitude of "thumbs ups" from their friends.  They take this as vindication and that they are somehow right in their thinking.  What's worse is the others that actually "thumbed up", have no clue as to the true story.  What are they "thumbing up" too?  A snot nosed "kid" who has zero respect for anyone including themselves?  Emails and social media do not allow for honest timely discord. 

Parents don't keep their children in line, and demand the respect that is owed. It's called parenting, they are not meant to be your best friend.  Frankly, a decent best friend is also going to tell you when you have a problem, and if they don't they're really not your friend.   I see parents of grown children that still pay their bills for them.  Yes, I understand we all may need some help from time to time, (I'm not against helping people) life has a funny way of doing that to people, but allowing them to free load because you're afraid they'll get angry with you does not help to raise them up.  Allowing them to be disrespectful in any situation is not right.  Teach a man to fish or demand they learn.

I'm of the female persuasion, so when it comes to emotions and feelings I understand.  I also understand that feelings are not reality, and the world is black and white, not gray.  When it comes down to brass tacks, it may look gray at the moment, but if you research and pray enough the true color will appear.  I'm tired of the lines between them getting blurred by people not willing to own up to their own problems, or others with hidden agendas.  It's either right or it's wrong.

The term "love your neighbor" does not infer I give up my beliefs to support yours, especially to make you feel better about yourself.  It means demanding we continue to raise the bar, hold people accountable for their actions, help people where we can so they can go on to help others, demand honesty, integrity and respect from yourself and others. Frankly if this country lived by demanding these things, which are all spelled out in God's word, we'd have a chance of getting back on track and we could watch this movie in real time. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

All's Well

I thought I'd add a quick report for my loyal followers;

The Moose and I are doing just fine.  Busier than a one-armed paper hanger, but just fine.  We have 17 new piglets (bacon bits as Pioneer Preppy likes to call them) at The Compound, 16 from our own sows and 1 that was found on the side of the road of all things.  She's just darling and won't leave her adoptive mothers side, and mom just loves on her too.  So all's well on that account.

We have two new turkey chicks, and hopefully more on the way.  4 of the hens are back to laying on eggs again.  Seems weird to me, but I guess if they don't have any following them around, then they feel left out.  So we'll see in a couple of weeks if we have any other new chicks.  With the bird issues in other parts of the country, the fact we may indeed have a turkey on our table at Thanksgiving is nice.

I think I've sold my rabbits.  The Holland Lop Ears are cute as a button, but at this point, I'd like to lighten the load.  It's not that they take much time, or really cost that much money.  I'd like to see someone else that really wants them raise and breed them.

Weather is turning hot and HUMID, and we're starting to see the normal summer afternoon rain pattern go into full swing.

Other than that, hope you're all doing well.  I do stop by your blogs and see what you're up to on occasion.  Wishing you all the best.