Tuesday, June 9, 2015

All's Well

I thought I'd add a quick report for my loyal followers;

The Moose and I are doing just fine.  Busier than a one-armed paper hanger, but just fine.  We have 17 new piglets (bacon bits as Pioneer Preppy likes to call them) at The Compound, 16 from our own sows and 1 that was found on the side of the road of all things.  She's just darling and won't leave her adoptive mothers side, and mom just loves on her too.  So all's well on that account.

We have two new turkey chicks, and hopefully more on the way.  4 of the hens are back to laying on eggs again.  Seems weird to me, but I guess if they don't have any following them around, then they feel left out.  So we'll see in a couple of weeks if we have any other new chicks.  With the bird issues in other parts of the country, the fact we may indeed have a turkey on our table at Thanksgiving is nice.

I think I've sold my rabbits.  The Holland Lop Ears are cute as a button, but at this point, I'd like to lighten the load.  It's not that they take much time, or really cost that much money.  I'd like to see someone else that really wants them raise and breed them.

Weather is turning hot and HUMID, and we're starting to see the normal summer afternoon rain pattern go into full swing.

Other than that, hope you're all doing well.  I do stop by your blogs and see what you're up to on occasion.  Wishing you all the best.