Monday, May 23, 2011

Shouting from the Rooftop!

There really was very little shouting from the roof top, I just thought the title might grab your attention. Last weekend a pretty good storm blew through and knocked off some of the roofing from the tiki hut. So this weekend my Dad, the Moose and my brother in law Jeff came out to help set things right. It took my Dad some doing, just trying to get up there and then balancing himself at the very top, to roll out the new material and place the support pieces. The job did get done, with no injuries. Just a close encounter with a giant bumble bee from hell!

The other project for this weekend was to get started on painting the container. Remember the beautiful orange color?! Well, it's now Army green! My uncle Herb, my brother in law Jeff and the Moose worked on this in 95+ degree weather until they ran out of paint. Thanks to the guys for their help. I'd have more photos, but the batteries ran dead, so next weekend I'll try to get them posted.

I weeded and watered my garden, and finished hilling the potatoes.

To help repay them for their help, we had a cook out. Burgers, and brats with fully loaded potato salad, and a cold vegie salad from our garden. My Mom brought some cookies and a watermellon. Yum! The Hooligans finished off the remaining watermellon.

It was a three t-shirt day on Saturday. It would have been more, but the Moose ran out of shirts. Have a good week everyone!

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