Thursday, February 14, 2013

No Love Fest at The Compound

OK, I understand Roosters don't always get along, but this past weekend was an exception to what we've experienced as a rule, in our short time as chicken keepers.

Usually they'll fight for a few minutes than go their separate ways.  Not so.  I noticed the scuffle from a distance between Pig Pen our White Orpington and Rooster Cogburn and thought very little of it, looked like typical behavior.  I went about my business.  Looked up again some time later and they were still fighting.  Now I'm worried.  However, the Moose seems to think it's still OK;  "let them sort it out".

I waited what seemed like forever, OK a few more minutes, and I went to break them up myself.  They were having nothing of it.  Could care less I was in the area, and went for each other with me in between.  Then I noticed Pig Pen banged up, bloody and whining.  I noticed Cogburn was also banged up, not as bloody and whining, but neither was giving up the fight.

I panicked and demanded the Moose break up the bar fight (something he did in his college years, he had plenty of practice), I'd had enough.  He got in to the mess and grabbed Cogburn by the legs and carried him into the brooder pen.  He's now living the life of a bachelor.  Space is limited until we can build him his own bachelor pad similar to Monkeys.

We can not afford for Pig Pen to be hurt beyond repair, as he's our only rooster of that breed.  White Orpingtons are hard to find, and we are about ready to hatch out some of his offspring, later this spring.  Since he's the most gentle, has never ever gone after me or the Moose, he gets to stay with the girls.  Lucky guy!

Cogburn is not the least bit happy.  I won't miss him coming after me.  We'll put him with his girls when we are ready to breed some more Hooligans.

It's always something!...

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