Monday, February 4, 2013

This is What it Looks Like...

When a new friend mows the 2.5 acres at The Compound, not just once, but twice! Thanks R you have no idea how helpful that has been the past few weeks!
When Mom , Padre’ and my dear Uncle help with our home remodeling project.  Lots of time and energy expended for this project and we haven’t laid one tile yet!
When the Moose and Spud built Monkey his own bachelor pad!  He’s just too mean to be around people and we’re not ready to do anything about that situation until he’s fathered a few offspring.  We hope they’ll be hens…

When the Cotton Club can stand it no longer watching from a distance.  They just have to see Monkey in his new digs..
When your molting stage is coming to an end..finally poor Berta!

When you’re a handsome devil and you know it!...  He's such a nice rooster compared to the other two.


  1. Thank goodness for family and friends when you need a little help around the place.

    I love the pictures.

    1. Yes, thank goodness! I'm not getting any younger and when we do projects like these, I really feel my age, and sometimes even older..

  2. You are a spring "chicken" when compared to me lol


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