Monday, February 23, 2015


We've been absent recently.  Too many irons in the fire and a business trip to boot!  So, here are some photos.  You need to guess where we were.

Clue #1, definitely not Florida!

Clue #2, starts out around 1,000 feet

Clue #3, ends at around 8,500 feet

Clue #4, you have to take a ride to get there

Clue #5, it has snow this time of year

Clue #6, Sonny Bono was once the mayor!

Palm Springs, via Anaheim for a recent convention.  We took the Aerial Tramway, worth the 2 hour trip and it was simply majestic.


  1. I really like Palm Springs. We went there for a "President's Club Trip" (meaning I had made quota) many many years ago. I loved all the wind mills. Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves!

  2. Izzy,

    Enjoy your trip!!!! It's so nice in Palm Springs. Great pictures :-)

  3. DFW/Sandy,

    We really did enjoy this part of our trip. We also took the Pacific Coast Highway out of San Diego to Anaheim, and it was beautiful. But the trip to the top of Mt San Jacinto was the "bomb".

  4. Never been there but looks like a real wow. Great photos!

  5. We visited San Diego four years ago when our daughter and son-in-law lived beautiful!


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