Monday, March 16, 2015

Yes, We are Still Around

It's been some time again since my last post.  We are still here, and still too busy to think straight.  This past weekend was one of the first in the last few we actually spent working at The Compound.

I cleaned up after the chickens, turkeys and rabbits.  We have a broody Turkey hen, sitting on around 12-15 eggs from what I could see.  Hopefully they are fertilized, because I've never seen a Tom cover a hen.  They show off enough, but I'm not sure they've made their move yet.  Only time will tell.

We set up a water system for the rabbits.  I hope to show what we did in another post, when I actually have taken the appropriate pictures. 

We set up a 250 gallon water tank near the 25 blueberry plants and planter boxes to make watering easier than hauling 5 gallon buckets across the property.

We also set up a new hog enclosure.  It's almost finished, just a few minor things still need to be done;  auto water/nipple, and a feeder.  We have two sows that will be delivering late April/early May.  They're our two favorite females and we hope they deliver healthy piglets with good temperaments like their momma's.

That's the short version of what we did this weekend.  Next weekend, we're off to help R&B fix up a rental property. 


  1. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy or something like that. Glad you got back to the compound and hope to having lots of little bacon bits soon :)

  2. Izzy,

    Good to hear all is well at your compound. Life and work have been keeping all of us very busy.
    Don't work to hard :-)

  3. It takes lots of work to get it all done, but someday we can all sit back and say "job well done"...Its busy for us here too and I am loving it! I love being busy don't like the idleness that winter to brings to our area! Looking forward to seeing your little piggies!


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