Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally a Green Thumb!

After some much needed, deep rooted rain this past week or so, I feel like our garden is finally reaching its potential.  Of course, if we could keep the raccoons from their open air buffet, we’d have a bigger return.

Up until recently the garden seemed very anemic.  Unless I added Miracle Grow, leaves turned yellow, and were thin.  Now take a look!  The only other thing I did differently was taking the wood chip bedding from the chicks and applying it at the base of my tomatoes.  I know, they say make sure it composts first, but it doesn't look like it hurt anything, and it didn't go directly at the roots of the plants, it had to work its way down through the mulch.  Maybe it finally made it to the root system?

 I may yet end up with enough tomatoes to actually try my hand at canning them.

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