Friday, May 11, 2012

They've Had Enough!

The Hooligan's "class of 2012" have had enough!  They are stir crazy in their current playpen on our back patio.  It's a constant cacophony of noise, and it seems they've grown up so much, they are out of  the proper amount of space needed.   They are officially done with the heat lamp, as they're four weeks old today.   They're headed to the Compound tomorrow morning for new "digs", and the first sight of Moms and Dad.  Along with enough space for WWE!  I may actually get a full nights sleep, since they get me up throughout the night with all their goofing off.  Reminds me of bringing a newborn home... 2am, 4am,

Aren't these some of the cutest?!... noisy but dang they're cute!


  1. Just moved my baby ducks out into the yard. It's funny how those babies act like they are all grown up except for the clownish things they do.


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