Monday, May 14, 2012

Pride and Some Prejudice

The Moose and I had a great weekend!  How can we tell?  We’re still tired and sore.  It's a reminder to us of how much work we accomplished over the weekend, and since it was Mother’s Day Sunday, most of our work was actually done on Saturday and we’re still sore.  We take pride in the fact we are not afraid to work.  Yes, we may complain, we get tired of the sore muscles and dirt under our nails, but we are deeply fulfilled knowing that our efforts are not in vain.

There’s nothing better than picking fresh veggies from your own garden, or collecting eggs from the Hooligans, or bringing home a vase full of sweet smelling roses.  There’s even satisfaction in eliminating another raccoon that saw fit to enter our garden paradise.

We take pride in raising out the Class of 2012 chicks, and now have them living resort style at the Compound.  All things on this front went well.  The only issue was the original Hooligans were none too happy.  They squawked all day Saturday, spent most of their time actually circling the coop and looking at the chicks.  I understand perfectly now, why you don’t just put them altogether right away.  It will be some time before we make that next move.

Since we have two of the best friends you could ask for, here’s where the prejudice comes in, we picked up a GIANT load of mulch and took it over to Fred & Peggy’s house and helped them offload it.  They were happy, and that makes us happy.  Thanks to Fred, for locking our keys in the truck.  Although it was an accident, and you were only trying to help fix the taillights on the trailer, you will not live that one down for some time.

We popped in at the Compound Mother’s Day morning, just to make sure the chicks made it OK their first night.  Then I was blessed to spend the remainder of the day with D1.  While other Moms were standing in line at a fancy restaurant, D1 and I had a comfy day, sweats and t-shirt, picked up subs and a slice of cheesecake to share, and then sat down and watched the 5-1/2 hour movie Pride and Prejudice.   That’s what I call living! 


  1. A terrific mother's day! I love Pride and Prejudice. (It's on my profile:-) I made cherry danish for breakfast which the family loved and then took some over to my neighbor as a thank you for grading our long gravel driveway. Yum! I love cherries.

  2. Yum, I love cherries too. Wish we could grow them here. There's a Bahamian cherry plant that I'm going to research. Not a true cherry like "bing", but maybe it'll fill the void.


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