Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brazen Bee Snatchers!

Just imagine, after working your derriere off for years, let’s say 58 to be exact.  Building anything; a farm, a business, bee hives, etc.  You’ve gained experience, knowledge, have blood and sweat, let’s not forget money, into your product or your dream.  You’re so good at what you do; others want you to teach them what you know.  

You leave for what should be an enjoyable family wedding weekend.  You return to see your life blood gone!  Stolen, missing in action, nowhere to be found.  How would you feel?  Would there be words to explain it?  Would you be able to actually speak those words if your mother was around? I know my heart would sink, I’d have sleepless nights, and probably run through a box of tissues or two.

I read a story and watched a video that makes me angry on many levels.  In this story, the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture confiscated Mr. Ingram’s property, his beehives.  They claimed his bees had a disease;  foulbrood. He received a notice and set up a date in court to fight it. No warrant was issued.  That’s called an illegal search and seizure.  The best part, no one knows or is admitting where they are or if they’ve been destroyed. They seized his property 3 weeks before the scheduled hearing to determine the next course of action. Mr. Ingram makes an interesting case, and is better watched on video than by me summarizing. 

The critical part about the story is his own research of 15 years about CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder.  He had some Queens he believed had built up immunity to Roundup.  He was working to develop more Queens, divide swarms and see if he could create hives that were immune.  Now his work and bees are gone.

Can you imagine the knowledge he’s accumulated over the years?  What I wouldn’t give to spend a few days under his tutelage.  


  1. And people ask me why I dislike the government....is it any wonder. What buttholes.

  2. This sort of thing is happening more and more often usually to dairy and goat farms. My goat milk source told me about it. Said the government sends in swat teams and scares the !@#$ out of families in the middle of the night. I had doubts then I started seeing videos of it on other blogs. What the heck!


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