Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freezing Green Beans

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I planted what amounts to about a 15 foot row of pole beans. It's my first experience with them and I have to say, I like them better than bush beans.  First of all, they produce more and longer beans, and it's easier standing up to pick them than it is to bend over picking bush beans.  There flavor is great.  The Moose and I have been eating them as we go, but I decided to freeze some from our last two pickings. Here's how;

-Get water in a pot to a rolling boil
-Wash and prepare beans, cut off the ends and to the size you'd like
-Put them in the pot of boiling water for 3 minutes (I used my pasta pot and strainer together, so it was easy to drop the beans in, and them lift up the inside strainer)

-Put them in another pot or bowl with ice water, for another 3 minutes
-Bag them up and freeze

I ended up with three bags this time, but it's a start!  Not hard at all, and better than letting the beans waste away in the frig or on the vine.


  1. I agree. Pole beans are better. Same with peas. The taller ones produce more, longer and are easier to pick. We haven't even planted beans here yet. Although the weather has been beautiful the last few days, the mornings are still in the upper 30's. Pea and lettuce weather.

  2. Izzy,
    went to one of your blogs you follow this morning call tall tree short rope. It is infected with a virus. I was there for less than a minute and it crashed my computer disabled Norton utilities and damaged my Microsoft. The man is currently trying to fix it but having trouble so hope you get this message and hope you aren't infected too. I am using a borrowed computer right now so wont be blogging for awhile.

  3. Sista,

    thanks for the update on the Tall Tree Short Rope site, and it's virus. No troubles on my end at this point, but I'm not sure I was there yet today.

  4. I have not had any luck with beans, but I admit I have not tried very hard.

    When planting from seed, I seem to do much better with the root vegtables.

  5. Russell,

    Beans seem to be one of the few things I can grow well. We're still dealing with poor soil quality. We can't grow corn for anything, so we try to stick to the things we can grow well and go from there.


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