Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Look at What the Moose Drug In!

The Moose stopped off at a local produce house today, and brought home this GIGANTIC specimen of a watermelon!   I think it grew near a nuclear plant.  Reminds me of the produce Gilligan grew during an episode of Gilligan’s Island.  The seeds were radioactive and produced ginormous vegetables.  I guess you have to be old enough to remember that show.

Along with sweet corn, red grapes, (grapes are the Hooligan’s absolute favorite) a case of strawberries, and some peaches we are good to go.  These are things we either can't seem to grow, or grow enough of at this point.  Most of which is for the Hooligans, we get the leftovers.  They are truly spoiled.  Scarlett and Henrietta actually wait for the grapes, skipping the other morsels and even peek into the treat bag in search of them.   Hey, they know what they like.  You wouldn't have a clue that chickens could be picky eaters, until you have some of your own. 
Just wait until they get ahold of this watermelon.  The only thing that will remain is the green rind.


  1. My birds would kill for that thing. The geese, ducks, and chickens love watermelon and the sweet water helps the chickens lay bigger eggs.

  2. FYI, USF has "produced" a peach tree specifically for growing in Central florida. There is a tree farm here in Plant City that sells them. I don't know how close you are.

  3. Bonnie,

    Thanks for following along. I have a water issue here, it's got a low concentration of salt, and when the roots of the trees reach the water table the trees die off. Our water table is only about 4-6' below the surface. My trees were Florida peach trees. It's a shame, and may be something we'll look into again in the future.


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