Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Feet are Up, Sort of

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that I did some fancy dancing at The Compound yesterday, and sprained my foot.  Thought I broke the thing when it happened, but I can put some weight on it.  Hurts like the dickens!

Our home office is on the 2nd floor, I'm relegated to working from the dining room table as steps are impossible.  All of this sitting around, when I'm not hobbling to the kitchen out of boredom to see what's in the fridge, has made me really think about our medical supplies prepping.  The Moose went in to the attic this morning in search of his old crutches.  Guess what?  He's 6', I'm a puny 5'4-1/2".  They won't work for me, unless a miraculous occurrence happens and my torso grows another 6".  Trust me, you can not make crutches that are too tall for you work!  It's impossible, and would likely cause me to hurt something else, and I don't need the added pain.  So it's off to buy a pair that will work for me. 

We have band aids, aspirin, ointments, alcohol, peroxide, ace bandages, etc.  Quite a bit too, but never thought of crutches.  Did this item cross your mind for long term planning? If not crutches, then a cane? Something to help you hobble around may be needed.  Well, now the Moose and I will have matching pairs, as soon as he gets back from the pharmacy.


  1. You know, I've never given any thought to crutches....shame on me. Med kits are awful important.

  2. Stephen,

    Me either, until the fancy two step did a number on me! Thanks for following along, or in my case, hobbling along,.

  3. I've got crutches, canes, and even a walker. Now I need to come up with a good first aid kit of some kind. Still looking for one.

  4. Flier389,
    Thanks for following along. We couldn't find a decent first aid kit either and basically created our own, in a plastic bin. The kits had stuff in them that was too cheap, or not enough of band aids, etc.


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