Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Surprise Surprise!

As many of you know, we had a major set back a few weeks ago out at The Compound.  We've needed some good things to happen that the last few days have provided.  I've waited for a couple of days to make what I consider a huge announcement as I wanted to see how things progressed before I got anyones hopes up including my own.

During the tragedy that struck, the Moose had the wherewithal to collect the remaining eggs and try and incubate them.  Hoping we'd be able to hatch out some of the Hooligan's offspring.  We were blessed with three small fluff balls on Sunday.

The jury is still out on what we have, hens or roosters, but we're thrilled!  They will be extremely spoiled!  I personally think we have 2 hens and 1 rooster, just by personality.  The dark ones are hens, the light color is a rooster, or a very excited hen.  We'll see. 

We stopped by after work tonight to check up on the new chickens (still haven't come up with a name to call the gang), and Corrie.  All things are going well, the little ones that were picked on are healing up and getting very active.  We have been waiting to get some eggs, and the transition on the hens caused them to stop laying for a few weeks.  We fattened them up a bit, and were happy to find these waiting for us.

Now we won't be able to eat these, since we gave the entire group a dose of antibiotic to help clear up some sores that didn't look good and some coughing that had me concerned.  But we have eggs!  And in the nesting box too!

We really needed these shots in the arm!  Thanks for sticking with this crazy blog!  I really appreciate the comments and emails I get from so many of you.


  1. How awesome! Hooligan genetics on the compound!

  2. Congratulations on both chicks and eggs! Life can certainly be a challenge sometimes and I'm glad to see you're getting some bright spots in yours too.


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