Monday, August 6, 2012

Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

What do you call it when you make a list of chores or things to do with high hopes and expectations of racing through said list only to fail at the completion of them all?

That's how I feel after this past weekend, after most of my weekends.  I had my list in hand as we headed to The Compound on Saturday.  I must have had around 15 different things on my list, of which only a few were completed.  Of course, some additional things were done that were not on the list at all, but does that count?

Should we even be counting? Does it just set us up for failure?  Does a list keep us focused?  I don't feel organized if I don't know what I want or need done, but then I'm disappointed when I can't physically get to them all and end up adding them to the next weeks list of chores.  Sometimes the list is just too daunting and I'd rather just take a nap. 

Maybe that's just life.  How do you handle your workload?  Make a list or do you fly by the seat of your pants?


  1. I always tend to attack the most difficult ones first. Never having a real time schedule unless there is a need for one.
    Estimates are always wrong when one has not done a specific thing before, nothing to base the time required upon.
    Just always keep in mind that prepping is a journey, not a destination. Ya just ain't going to be ever done.
    Mostly I have my lists mentally. The Dragon Lady,"Kathy" likes writing her lists down.

    1. I guess Dragon Lady and I have even more in common. I hope you are healing up and about ready to plan our next meeting.

  2. If I don't have a list I do a lot of standing around trying to remember what I wanted to do. A list keeps me focused and using my time better. Without it I get distracted by all the other things that come up in the day including reading blogs. I try not to put too many big time consuming items on that list. In fact I have a main list and a daily list. The daily list is comprised of one or two time consuming items (like cleaning the coop or weeding) and several quick ones (like doing the recycle or running laundry). That way I get the satisfaction of marking off the quickies and having time to work on the time consuming item. If I get it all done I start a new daily list. If I have leftovers I just add them to the next daily list. I couldn't do it without a list.

    1. It must be a "girl" thing to have "to do" lists. I may re-evaluate the type of items I put on my list. I just write them all down and they haunt me until they're done.


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