Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hooligans and the Cotton Club

OK, I'm just plain weird and I know it.  But it keeps my family and friends on their toes or at least it gives them something to talk about when I'm not around!

I've decided to continue to call our original line of chickens the Hooligans.  Their mannerisms are so similar, and it will always be a reminder of where we started in this adventure.  Here are the three we hatched out 3 weeks ago.  Along with Corrie, who is doing well, they will be dubbed the Hooligans.  This is a photo of Rose, Pennie and R.Cogburn out on their first day in the yard.  They huddled together for some time, and then realized bugs and grass were tasty, and scratching was a lot of fun. 

They went out again Sunday morning, and were so happy to get some fresh air.  Can you blame them?  Tropical Storm Isaac was on its way and brought some nice breezes.  I think they liked the wind in their feathers, what little they have.  They're a noisy bunch, much like their parents.

I've decided to call the new flock of White Orpingtons the Cotton Club.  Can you guess why?  Yup, they look like giant cotton balls!

They are doing so much better, it's amazing.  Once totally frightened if you approached the run, now they come within a few feet.  They actually run to the door when we drive in, and are ecstatic about going outside for the day.  They venture further away each time.  Berta, the large hen was really banged up when we got her.  Since we put on her saddle, her fluffy feathers are coming back in.   Also, two of the smaller ones were picked on, one was missing feathers on its bum, the other on its neck.  They are looking much better in a months time.

Unfortunately the previous owner/breeder just dumped all ages in together of the same breed.  No thought to how they would survive in the 10x10 space with one feeder and one waterer.  If you've ever watched chickens, there is a hierarchy.  If the higher ranking ones want access to food or water, they will tear out the feathers of the smaller ones if they are in the way.  Sometimes even if they don't want to eat or drink themselves.  They just sneak up behind them and rip out the feathers.  Poor things!

We have three feeders and two waterers.  They can all eat and drink without fear of being in the way.  When we feed them fresh fruits and veggies we spread them around, for that same reason.  Everyone gets some.  They also have day to day access to a run that's 24' x 33' and get let out on the weekends.  It shows, they are all looking much better.  Please don't tell me chickens don't know a good thing when they see it, live it and feel it.

Besides, it makes the Moose and I happy to see them looking and feeling better.


  1. I'm so happy the two groups are doing well. Especially the Holligans. Funny, I don't think you are weird at all. Does that make me weird to others?

  2. I have always thought of them as the Hooligans. The cotton club is a hoot.


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