Sunday, August 5, 2012

Freedom at Last is Not Bittersweet

We spent the day Saturday taking care of the chickens, sealing up the seams on the new coop roof, stapling the old chicken wire and shade cloth to the underside of the new roof, planting seedlings for the Fall garden, changing the oil on the generator, tidying up the camper and some shoot’in time with Daughter #1.  Trust me that doesn’t sound like much, but it was definitely enough for a day. 

It was the first day we left the door to the chicken run open to see what would happen. We were nervous about getting the new chickens back in to the run, but thought we’d take the chance.   Of course, Corrie took quick advantage of the grass and bugs.  It took the others some additional time to really believe they would be free to roam. They stood at the door and contemplated the pros and cons about leaving the run.  One even took a step out and then quickly jumped back in!   Alfred(our new rooster) really had to do some coaxing to get the others to go outside.  They didn’t travel far, and would come back and forth between outside and their run. 

They didn’t really know what to do with the grass.  They watched Corrie eating it, picked at it some, and then finally gave in and ate some.  It was like watching your 4 year old with new food on their plate and not believing that it really does taste good.  The younger ones actually did better outside then then older ones.  They really liked running around the robellini trees, and of course dust bathing is always top of their list.

Daughter #1 named this young guy Pig Pen, since whenever she sees him, he’s dust bathing, and he was again this Saturday.  By the way, we took advantage of them going back and forth to lock them back in, without incidence.  Except Corrie, she wanted to stay outside.

Oh, the honey bees are doing well, they've started adding more comb and I actually saw a new bee coming out of it's little hole.

Sorry this post is a bit discombobulated.  I have my reasons, and I hope to share them with you in the next day or so.


  1. I use a special whistle when calling my fowl in to eat. It works great! - Genevieve

    1. It is amazing what they can learn. We yelled "snack time", and the Hooligans would all come running.
      Thanks for following along.

  2. Your birds look good. Hope your doing ok.
    Your friend. Sue

    1. Thank you, they are looking much better. Now that they have room, and more feeders the little ones aren't picked on so much, and the areas on their bodies that were missing feathers are not as red and some fluff feathers are coming back in.

      I am doing better, it all takes time. I hope to have some good news soon.


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