Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Plumeria is Flowering

Plumeria plant/tree.  The Moose found two plants at a yard sale a few years ago.   It's taken that long for them to develop and actually flower.  The plant survives in tropical regions and is used in Hawaii for leis.  I wish we had "smellovision", as they smell wonderful.  They are part of the Oleander family, and seem to do well here at least to Central Florida.  Not sure how well they'd do the further north you go.  Unless you could bring them in, during the winter.  The branches can get as big as 40 feet long.  I've never seen one that big, and this one is only around 3 feet.  They grow roughly around a foot per year. 

I hope to have a Compound and new chick update soon.  Just got back from a couple day training session, and am playing catch up with everything!

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