Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chick Update - Pennie, Rose and Rooster Cogburn

Meet Pennie, Rose and Rooster Cogburn.  They’re nearly three weeks old, and about ready to get out from under the heat lamp.  Here’s how they got their names;
Pennie was born first, and the thought that actually came to my mind was “pennies from heaven”, hence she’s Pennie. 
Rose was born second, and smaller than Pennie, and her beak has a little rose tip on the end, hence Rose Bud.  She’s also the shyest.
Rooster Cogburn was born last, and from the beginning he was surly.  One of my favorite movie characters of all time was John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in 1969’s True Grit.  They seem to have the same personality traits.   I do think he’ll make a good rooster as he already defends his girls if he thinks they’re threatened.  He has mellowed out a bit, but if he’s anything like the General, he’ll give you a surprise attack once and a while. 
All appear to be doing very well, feathering out nicely.  I think the two hens will have Corrie’s coloring.  Not sure yet at this point what R.Cogburn will look like, more like the production reds I’m thinking.  Roosters/cockerels get their feathers in a bit slower than hens to begin with. 
We're just happy to have the Hooligan prodigy in our midst.  Later today when it warms up, they'll get their first day out in the yard.
Here’s what I’ve learned about identifying whether or not your chicks are hens/pullets or roosters/cockerels.
  • Hens get their tail feathers in earlier than cockerels.  By days
  • Cockerels will have thicker legs.
  • Cockerels will not turn their backs on you if they feel threatened.  Hens will just retreat.
  • Cockerel’s combs and waddles will develop quicker than hens and turn red sooner.  Hen’s combs and waddles will not turn a deep red until they are ready to lay eggs.

I know there are other “wives tales”, but these have proven themselves with the chicks we’ve raised.
Chickens are just soooo much fun!


  1. Ha ha! Those are wives tales and maybe they work a portion of the time but I have actually had hens that crow! It's very funny and I have one right now that doesn't crow but thinks she is the cock of the walk. She and I have stand offs all the time. They are the bomb. Glad to see the Hooligans again.

  2. Oh my gosh. I think they are all precious, especially Rose. Glad you have them from the Hooligan line.


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