Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tilapia Protection Honey Bee Larvae and Capped Brood

When we arrived at The Compound Saturday, there were only 2 smaller fish eating stealing birds.  They snuck in under the bottom of what the Moose had put together earlier in the week.  We knew this would likely happen.   Here's what the Moose did by himself while I was home with the foot up.

He used an orange fencing material, ran them east west, stapled them to the wood stakes, and then zip tied each run together.  Then, because the material wanted to sag in the middle, and if you leave it that way the birds would just land on top, and still be able to fish through the holes, he strung rope through in 4 different areas, and pulled it tight using the posts from the garden fence.  We needed it up enough, that the birds could not get access, and we need room to stand underneath so we can fish out the grown Tilapia.  We're also debating on whether or not we'll try some hydroponic gardening.  It's a thought...  We finished getting more material wrapped around the bottom to close off any access the smaller birds would get.  I wonder what they're thinking today!  The new Tilapia have been ordered.

We are also re-rethinking the idea of getting ducks.  Since we don't live on the property, and I'd want them to have access to water without predator attacks, this might be a good solution.  Maybe build a house of sorts, with access on one corner for them to get into the pond at their will.  Have any of you had experience with ducks?  Do you think this might work?  Any issues with ducks and raccoons?  I don't want to protect them from flying predators, and not work out the raccoon issue.  Are raccoons just as viscous to ducks?

The pond covering took the better part of our day, along with caring for the Hooligans.

Then, before we left for the day, I took a peak at the Sopranos.  I'm so excited, I have bee larvae and even some capped brood.  That's the sign I've been waiting for!  I was able to actually see worker bees feeding the larvae, and spotted the Queen when peering in the window, which was awesome! They've also built out 6-1/2 combs, along with little pools of honey and pollen.  Once the honey has cured to just the right consistency, they'll cap it as well.  Busy little bees..

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Great job on covering the pond. I sure hope it works. Yeah on the bee progress!

  2. I do have ducks. Twelve at the moment. I love my ducks. They have a comedic personality. They do need protection from raccoon's. Mine go into a locked pen at night with wire that goes out 18 inches on the ground and over the top. The grass has grown up through it so it doesn't show. I have Khaki Campbells mostly because they lay eggs very well and I have a customer base for them. Some people build islands in the middle of ponds but it doesn't protect against raccoon's or coyotes. You also have to take into consideration that they forage for most of their food. Grass, weeds, slugs and bugs and worms. You may want to feed them a little something to make them tame and supplement their food depending on what you have there. They are great slug and snail eaters if you have that problem in your garden in which case I do have a better solution for you but it is too long for this comment.

    1. Thank you for the info. We are still open for debate. I would really like to have some, but don't want to if I can't provide them the protection and life they should have. It wouldn't be fair.

  3. I'm so excited I have bee larvae. Who would think a middle aged women could get so excited over bee larvae!


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