Tuesday, June 5, 2012

GMO Sugar Beets and What We are Giving Up

Here's a link to an article, about a "pending" approval for genetically modified sugar beets.

Genetically Modified Sugar Beets

This is an ongoing issue many of us read about, blog about, try to work around in our daily lives by planting heirloom seeds, and not buying products made by the manufacturer, of these gmo products.  While it appears farmers are already using the gmo beets with limited regulation, do they really understand what they are giving up?

5 million farmers in Brazil are suing for the right to use seeds from last years production, without paying a special fee or what they are calling a "private tax on production".

Do the beet farmers understand what they are giving up so they can have a larger production?  Have they read the complaint by the millions of farmers before moving forward?  I guess, it's show me the money.. and I'll be happy to look the other way. 

Then there's Bloomberg in NY.  When did he become king?  Do New Yorkers even know what they've given up, when they allowed him to change the term limit rules and run for office again?  Now private citizens can no longer take a smoke break, on their time, anywhere in Manhattan.  Now he wants to limit soda to nothing more than 16 oz drinks.  What's next chocolate consumption, or you have to have blond hair and blue eyes?

When is enough enough?  When do people take control of their own lives, make decisions and live with the consequences?  It's called free will and frankly, I'm tired of politicians,  and the media thinking they know better.  They're the arrogant nut jobs that got us in to this housing debacle, and perpetual recession to begin with. 

When will we stand up?  After we start to glow in the dark, grow extra appendages or when more of our children end up with diseases and learning issues generations before them never faced.  Oh I forgot, our politicians are flooded with lobbying dollars by these companies.  They are paid to look the other way. 

Is your integrity for sale? 


  1. You go girl! I'm right there.

  2. Freedom means exactly that ! Free to be me, not just free to be you.
    It is a dark path coming down the road...


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