Friday, June 1, 2012

Retreat Locations

The Moose found this article today, by one of his favorites, Zero Hedge.  If you have the time, take a look at this article.

The Realities of Choosing Your Survival Retreat Location


  1. I read that earlier, pretty good.

  2. I think, unlike most that our local area has great potential. We have a plethora of water, local edible flora and a lot of wildlife. In addition most locals will head north straight up I95. Never even dreaming of going out where all those gators and snakes are ! Still the man is correct with his thoughts on grouping together for self defense. At least you are way ahead of the curve on the retreat part. I'm currently working on getting a group started on the Space Coast. Paranoia being what it is though makes this task difficult. Time will tell...

    1. Thanks for following along. The Moose and I are interested in your group for the Space Coast. We too are having a hard time finding like minded people

    2. Spud,

      I got your last comment, and didn't post since it included your email address. I'll be in touch.

  3. Good link. He is right about groups of like minded people. That is what we are going for. Probably back to my old stomping ground.


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