Friday, June 15, 2012

What Did The Roar Really Do For Society?

I was born in the late 60’s, during the second wave of the women’s liberation movement.  I do not have first-hand knowledge of their specific “struggle”, but the Moose and I were discussing what’s wrong with the world this morning.  We discussed the degradation of society, and how our country’s moral compass has been methodically chipped away since the 60’s.  I read a book by Rabbi Daniel Lapin; America’s Real War, which follows along those same lines.  Little by little we’ve given up, or looked the other way as movements took a strong arm approach.  On the outside, it seems perfectly fair that woman should earn equal pay and be treated fairly in the workplace.  But, it should be equal pay for equal work.  I’m a woman, and there’s no way on God’s green earth, that I could ever compete with a man physically.  I just can’t keep up.  It’s a fact.  We are not less smart or ambitious.  But we are different.   

One major issue I have about the “libs”, and their need for “I Am Woman” Hear Me Roar, by Helen Reddy; is why do woman continue to make the mistake of overcompensating for the fact that they are in positions of power?  I’m a woman and I can recognize it.  If you are confident in your decisions and ability, puffing up and becoming the emotional nightmare no one wants to deal with is not the way to forward the cause.  We are different.

I grew up on a block, where for most of my life, I was the only girl.  If I wanted to play outside, I had to learn how to get along with the boys; football, baseball and bike racing.  I loved it!  They would never have let me play if I had emotional fits.  I actually liked them better than most of the girls I went to school with and to date, I have better working relationships with men than women.  Hen clucking around the water cooler makes me crazy!  I also had a strong relationship with my dad, who is ex-military.  I married a no nonsense man.   Tell you like they see it.  We are different.

We can debate whether or not the workplace has gotten better for woman or for business, but I believe the “lib” movement actually hurt society in the long run.  Like many political issues; the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  We have single parent homes, because the libs said it was OK to get divorced, and you don’t need a man.  While I don’t advocate abuse in a relationship and this is not meant to condemn anyone, but is meant to provoke thought and comment, how can we/society think it’s OK to consider marriage like a bad pair of shoes, throw away?  What happens to our children, now raised by a woman trying to fill both roles, one of which she cannot replicate?  How can that be good?  What are they being taught?  If it gets too hard, just get up and leave?  We are different.  Children need the influence of both men and women.  I believe this is the strongest argument against the “lib” movement.  Whatever their intentions, did they anticipate this outcome and how do we fix it?


  1. Don't really think it can be fixed. Although in the end I believe it will fix itself by failing.
    Thank the stars that my wife also is not one of those prone to emotional outbursts. Stuff happens and we just deal with it. I would compare her as to being more like pioneer women were 100yrs ago. Tough yet still defers to me for the really bad stuff...In my mind that's just plain smart ! Let him go out and get eaten by that bear lol

    1. Totally what happens here between the Moose and me. We're going to try and make the 24th meeting APN, at Wickham Park. Just haven't seen where they've decided on the time yet. Hope to see you there, if not, let's catch up for lunch some time when we're out at the Compound.


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