Monday, June 18, 2012

Free at Last! - Class of 2012

If chickens had lips and teeth, the little Hooligan’s Class of 2012 would have been all smiles on Saturday.  We let them out of their coop, and they are staying out.  Although they are still smaller than their Moms and Dad, they were getting stir crazy.  Who doesn’t want their chickens to have free run?  We left a few of the hens in with them for the better part of the morning, and while the hens were bullies, the chicks started to figure out how to run or fly faster, and in the end they actually started to turn the tables a few times. 

The little ones had an absolute blast!  Running, play fighting, and flying all over!  What was cool for me was to see how the General, our resident Rooster dealt with them.  He ignored them.  Only the hens seemed to have issues.  Boy did we hear about them!  Batty old hens, with nothing nice to say!  It did not detour the little ones from having a good day.  They all went to bed in their perspective places, and seemed content with full bellies and fresh air.

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