Sunday, April 15, 2012

Second Hatch

Our second hatch was successful. We had an 85% hatch rate.  Although one will not likely make it through the day.  It's very lethargic, and won't open it's eyes.  We hate to lose any of them, so we'll baby this one today and hope it makes it.  If it does make it, it will make for 23 new Hooligans!  We've decided to keep this group.  The Roosters may end up finding a new home eventually, but until we know what they are, they're "sticking with the group".

We are happy to once again have chicks to raise.  I almost didn't sell the last group, I was so attached.  Now I need some new names! 

Harriett, Penny, B.B. (The Moose already named one), only 20 more to go....


  1. It's hard to give them up when you are hand raising them. How about Attila the hen. There is always one bully.

  2. Good name, and yes there's always one!


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