Monday, April 9, 2012

Only a Month to Go!

I'm getting excited, nervous, anxious, scared, and overwhelmed!  I'm starting to freak out about getting my 3 pound pack of 10,000 Italian Honey Bees next month.  Did you read that right?!  10,000 bees!! The Sopranos should arrive around May 15th, and I've yet to paint or position their Top Bar hive.  I need to re-read the "how to" book, watch the "how to" DVD, and get up the courage. 

All people want to say to me is "you'll get stung".  Like I don't know that already, but that's the one thing they MUST always remind me about?!   Where are the words of encouragement? Where are the loving phrases like "we can't wait to taste some of that honey"?  I only get panicked looks, and large intakes of breath when bees are discussed. 

I'll show 'em! 

Now, where did I put the Benedryl?


  1. Just think. You are contributing to saving the bees from colony collapse and your reward will be yummy honey. I think they will love you and want to be with you always. Ok. Maybe not but still yummy.

  2. You will be fine! We had bees for a short time last year (before they ran away, but I won't go there). I'm picking up two new packages in a few days - hopefully this time will be better! Bees are SO important, and the honey is SO good! Don't be discouraged!

    There is a HUGE panic moment when you have to pull the plug and release the bees - but you will get through it!

    Good luck!

  3. Thank you ladies for your comments. See my next post, about bees. The EPA in their infinite wisdom has struck yet again...

  4. You'll get honey! Hunny!


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