Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Banned Antibiotics found in Poultry

Here's a study done by both Johns Hopkins University and Arizona State University.  Another job well done by the FDA.

Evidence of Banned Antibiotics in Poultry Products article by Johns Hopkins and Arizona State

ABC Channel 4 News Salt Lake City, UT news article

Will it ever end?  Of course the Poultry Council disagrees with the study.  What I couldn't find, and didn't have time to research, was what brand of feed they are providing the chickens.  I'd like to know.

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  1. I know this is upsetting but you have to take these news stories with a grain of salt. They don't get specific where the chicken comes from, mention china only in passing, and they don't specify what states or countries the tested feathers came from. First off what the heck are we doing importing chicken from China? Some states, Washington and Oregon to mention two prohibit ANY antibiotic use in chicken. Because of this I avoid what is labeled here as Southern grown. Second if you can't grow your own find a local farmer and get to know them. Truth is all that stuff is now in our water systems because people toss old pills down the toilet and it can't be removed with filtering. We in general are polluting our own nest and although some of us try not to we are exposed to the things others do to that nest. It's very discouraging and you can only do your best.


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