Monday, April 9, 2012

EPA Approved GMO's Insecticides Responsible for Killing Bees - see study info

Here's what we've been reading and wondering about for some time now.  Did they really need to do a study to prove that insecticides and GMO insecticides were killing our bees?  But I guess, nothing can get done by way of common sense anymore.  Here is the link to the story:

EPA approved GMO's Responsible for killing bees

Here's the link to the actual study:

What really concerns me, is the statement:

"but also that clothianidin’s toxicity is systemic throughout the entire food chain, which could one day lead to the catastrophic destruction of the food supply."

Now how long will it take for the EPA to ban this stuff?   Better question;  what are they working on right now to replace clothianidin, that's either the same or worse?  How much longer before we're all glowing in the dark?...

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  1. GMO's need to be exposed on labeling according to California legislators and this will bring an end to GMO's,,,, lets support the CA. legislation on this.


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