Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jack and the Pea Stalk

That is not a typo.  Take a look at this pea plant.  It's nearly 6 feet tall!  It finally has blossoms, so we'll see what we get for pea pods in a few weeks.

We ran out by the Hooligans late tonight, and all is well.  They were so happy to have a little bit of time roaming the Compound.  It rained recently so they made a beeline for one of their favorite dusting areas.

The Moose spotted a turtle in our pond.  OK, I ask you how did it get there?  You can visit my previous blog about how the fish got there, but if anyone comments that a bird pooed a turtle into my pond, I'll ask if they're celebrating St. Patty's Day a bit early!

What are the odds, a completely fenced in garden, with a pond in the middle now has a turtle?  I think I'll buy a lottery ticket.

I have signs of life on my tomato plants. 

I also have a small plague!  They're everywhere!  The Hooligan's don't like them either...

Finally, save those coffee grounds!  I've been putting coffee grounds on my roses, and WOW do I have the buds and blossoms!

Thanks for following along!


  1. What the heck are those things. They are ugly! Although I can't see them really well they kinda look like grasshoppers. I am going out right now and putting my coffee grounds on the roses instead of in the compost.

  2. Sista, They are a black grasshopper with a yellow strip down it's back. They may be around 1" total in length. Not big, but we have thousands. I've never seen them before, but I can live without anything that's creepy and crawly.

    Coffee grounds have done an amazing job. I've added nothing else to them since November, by way of fertilizer, etc. Just the grounds.. Good luck.


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