Friday, March 23, 2012

Hatch Rate Question

For those of you who have already completed a hatch using an incubator, I need your help.  How do you figure the hatch rate?  I'm not talking about the math part, that I know (I was educated 30+ years ago, where things like that were actually taught, and my parents cared that I learned it).  I'm talking about determining the actual egg count/number.

Do I count the 6 I pulled out that were obviously not fertilized?  I candled them and pulled 6, nothing in them.

Do I count the one we lost the same day it hatched?  Technically it hatched. I know this won't significantly change my percentage anyway, but what do you count?

If you have advice, please comment or send me a note.


  1. It depends on how you want to make yourself feel.
    If you set 100 eggs, 50 are fertile and 25 hatch then really you had a 25% hatch rate. If you are wanting to make yourself feel better about the whole thing you can always tell yourself you had a 50% hatch rate because only the fertile ones counted, but really it is the number you set.
    My first two hatches this year I had a 3% because my eggs were not fertile. The worst I have ever done. If I took them out of the equation then I had a 90%. I think the rooster is learning how to do it now because our numbers are going up.

  2. MDR - After the last two are done hatching, I'll what I come up with. Thanks for following along.


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