Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Duck, Duck, Chicken!

Isn't nature wonderful!  When a chicken will take the time, refrain from eating and drinking for weeks on end to hatch an egg, even if it's not her own.  There is something magical about the whole thing!  I've followed Sista's blog, Welcome to the Hen House, for over a year now, I'd call her a long distance friend.  She bothers to read and comment on my blog, offering words of encouragement.  I enjoy her writings, and pictures as well, and today's was extra special.  Here's the link;


Her Silkie chicken went broody, so Sista gave her a few duck eggs to sit on.  Well, one hatched, and a couple more are working their way into the world.   This is better than watching T.V. or playing Angry Birds!

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  1. Thanks Izzy. I'm so glad you like my blog and I am flattered. There will be more picks since the rest are making noisy noises now.


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