Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is It Just Me or Has the World Gone Crazy!

I won't bother to comment on the debacle of the Martin vs Zimmerman case in Sanford, or the pontificating of the Superior Court Judges "comments and questions" regarding the health care bill mandate. Like that isn't enough to make you question your sanity,  I have something closer to home. 

I have chicks for sale in Craigslist.  Should be a no brainer, right?  First, there's the guy who wanted them for free. Chicks for Free, Really?  I still mull that one over.  I had someone call me yesterday wanting just 2 for his backyard.  Seemed innocent enough. 

Tell me what you'd think if you heard these comments;

1.  I want them for my little kids. (Easter is around the corner)
2.  Do you have white ones?
3.  What is a heat lamp?
4.  They need special feed? They need a feeder and a waterer? They need bedding?
5.  How long do they need to be under a lamp?
6.  Where do I go for feed and stuff?  What is a Tractor Supply?
7.  I don't know where that is, could you give me the address?
8.  I had no idea they needed a house with nesting boxes.

Is that enough for you to determine this is a nincompoop? (nincowpoop for Bugs Bunny fans)  A full grown adult male with 4 children, rushes in to buy animals he knows absolutely nothing about.  Needless to say, he will not be buying them from me.  I'll keep waiting for the right people to come along.  If that's never, then I'll add them to my wonderfully spoiled group of Hooligans.

You see, I don't think it's enough just to hatch chicks and then sell them to anyone that "wants" one.   I took on the responsibility of taking this step, so I consider myself responsible for where they end up.  I know I can't control everything.  I don't know the conditions in which they will be living.  I'm not social services, and I don't make house calls, but I think you can get a pretty good feel for people with a passion to have animals.  I do my best to weed out the morons or baboons (moroon again for Bugs fans), and leave the rest in Gods hands.

All things considered my night ended well, an elderly gentlemen who already has 6 chickens, loves and spoils them, came over and purchased 2 chicks, and 2 dozen fertilized eggs.  The fertilized egg market never crossed my mind.  So for those of you in the egg business, this may be another option for you to make some extra chicken feed money.  We exchanged stories, and I plan on following up with him in a few weeks to see how his hatch turned out.

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  1. The ignorance never ceases to amaze me. Good for you for not selling him your babies. Metzer farms, (a big hatchery in California) wont ship any ducks or geese around Easter. Pretty darn responsible for a bigger company.

  2. Sista, I think that's great of Metzer farms. We did end up selling the rest of our chicks last night to a chicken farmer for eggs and we've made another local contact and learning resource. Win win


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