Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 2, We're Up to 10 Chicks

This has been one of the most awesome experiences!  Incubating eggs from your chickens, watching them hatch, and then moving around. 

We started with 34 total eggs, with two different hatch dates. I candled the eggs and 7 of the 34 were definitely not viable.  There were a few others that were questionable, but I left them in the incubator. When we went to bed last night we had 6 chicks. 

As of this morning, we have 10 hatched from the first batch and another 4 are working on it.  Needless to say, they needed to be moved out as there is not enough room for 10 chicks and remaining eggs in the incubator.  So, they were introduced to their water and food source, and left to explore their new "digs" until they grow a bit more.  They pretty much walk around for a minute or two at the most, and then nap, and nap some more, etc.  They're tired after all the work it takes to get out of their shells.

What fun!  I'm sure you'll get sick of reading my chick updates...

We used a still air incubator and an automatic egg turner.  It was easy to operate. 

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