Monday, March 26, 2012

Chicks for Free, Really?

As those of you who follow this silly blog know, I have my new chicks up for sale on Craigslist.  I've received numerous requests for "dates", and "help me get back at my spouse" spam.  I didn't see that coming.  But the one that actually bothered me the most is one from a man looking for chicks.  First request was to find out if I still had some available.  His follow up email was to ask if he could have them for free, trade or barter.

Here's where I'm bothered.  He stated that "his family is currently down on their luck".  I can certainly sympathize, and am not adverse to helping my fellow man.  However, if he can't afford the $3.00 a piece cost, how in heavens name is he going to pay for their feed and upkeep?  The cost of chicks is the least expensive part, and anyone who has a backyard flock knows, that buying eggs from the store is typically cheaper than raising them on your own.  We don't raise chickens to save money on eggs.  We do it for the love of the chickens, quality and freshness of the eggs and to be self sufficient. There is no return on investment until they reach 4-6 months of age, and if you do the math, you're likely to never break even. 

Unless of course you are one of those that just lets Mother Nature handle it, and the only food source is for them to scratch up bugs in your yard.  What about housing, security or illness?  I'm not of this mindset.  Maybe it's just me.  What would you do? 

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  1. He is either very ignorant of what it takes to raise chickens or a scammer looking for a free handout. If he isn't either of those things then he is one of those people you see on the news because they have abused animals. Ignore him. Your chicks will be better off.


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