Monday, March 14, 2011

Out with the New, and In with the Old

What a fantastic weekend to get some work done at the Compound! The Moose and I spent part of Saturday finishing the mowing of the front drive, planting a few more tomato plants, onions and garlic. We also made a trip to the hardware store for supplies so we could finish the fencing and roof top of the chicken coop.

Sunday, my very dedicated parents, and my awesome uncle Herb came out to help with the chicken run. I think my parents are more excited about me getting chickens then I am! While I spent some more time getting my garden planted; corn, squash, melons, cucumbers, and pole beans, they spent their time running wood supports for the roof and then the chicken wire. We really felt it was necessary to keep the hawks and owls out of the area, as well as not giving the raccoons any other opportunities for a buffet.

The chicken wire was lighter and easier to work with then the wire welded fencing, so that was our plan. During the process they stapled the wire onto the support beams. The Moose hooked up the generator and the air compressor for the staple gun. Things were moving along pretty good until the new air compressor decided it was not going to run any longer. So out with the new and in with the old one. It ain't pretty, but it finished the job.

So the fencing and roof are up. We have some small clean up things to do, chicken wire run along the bottom, as well as a "skirt" around the bottom to keep the snakes out. The Moose is going to add on to the existing coop and build some nesting boxes. This place will be the Taj Mahal when it's completed. The fenced in run area ended up being approx 24' x 33'. Plenty of room for 6 or so chickens.

Thanks to everyone for their help! Have a good week! Oh, here's a picture of the rhubarb and asparagus.

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