Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chicks on Board!

I had good news today; my MRI came back negative for any issues. There was concern I had an aneurysm due to some vision, head ache and face numbing issues. It was pretty scary, and now that it is behind me, we decided to celebrate by picking up our chicks!

The Moose and I picked up 12 chicks. 6 Reds (New Hampshire or Rhode Island, light color w/stripes, not sure yet which breed exactly) and 6 Buckeyes (dark colored). Boy, did they make alot of noise on the way home.

I'm sooo excited, I've been waiting and talking about these silly chickens for months! Their finally here! We get to keep these little buggers at the house for 8 weeks, before turning them loose in their new coop and run. We now have a deadline to work with, to finish that area.

Here's a cute picture of a few sleeping. They actually "face plant" when they fall asleep. It's really cute.

I'll be sharing more photos as they grow.

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